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Instructor at Utah State University

  • Introduction to Microeconomics

  • Managerial Economics

Instructor at Boston University

  • Economic Analysis of Legal Issues

Teaching Assistant at Boston University

  • Introductory Microeconomic Analysis

  • Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis

  • Market Structure and Economic Performance 

  • Market Organization and Public Policy

  • Economic Analysis of Legal Issues

  • Energy and Environmental Economics 

  • Public Control of Business 

Teaching Assistant at Universidad de Chile

  Undergraduate Level:

  • Industrial Organization 

  • Microeconomics 

  • Macroeconomics 

  • Industrial Organization 

  • Analysis of Transportation Systems 

  Graduate Level:

  • Microeconomics I - Master in Applied Economics

  • Microeconomics II - Master in Applied Economics 

  • Advanced Microeconomics - Master in Operations Management

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